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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew..Or Is It Just Ambition?

I’m sure that you regular readers (8 of you subscribed to the Crash Dad email list) are eagerly awaiting the results of the 5k I ran. You’ll remember that I ambitiously hoped to run a 7 minute mile. I figured it’s time to own up and report on the experience.

What can I say? I was a bit ambitious in my thinking. I ran the 5k in 28:20. Much closer to a 9 minute mile than a 7 minute mile. For those following along at home Crash Kid #1 ran it in 29:28 and Crash Kid #2 in 44:35. Crash Kid #3 ( Crash Wife, who could have gone much faster, stayed with him) even did the full 5k in 50:55. Not bad for a 5 year old. Although, I’m most impressed with Crash Kids #1 and #2 who both got trophies for placing in their age group. Congrats to them! Crash Kid #1 really is a great runner. We’ll see if he chooses to develop that skill.

See what I did there? I distracted you from my time with my cute kids. I think that’s going to be a regular theme on this blog, so beware.

It’s fair to say that I definitely bit off more than I could chew thinking that I could do a 7 minute mile. My only consolation was that I was still good with a sprint at the end of the 5k. Makes me wonder if I ran the wrong pace. I kind of wish I’d done more of a run-walk strategy that better mirrored the way I play ultimate. Sprint for so long and then walk a bit and then sprint again. I wonder how fast I would have gone then. Certainly still under 7 minutes.

One thing I realized while running is that when I run, I’m all tensed up. I think that’s because when I play ultimate frisbee I stay tensed up so I can quickly change directions as needed. There’s no need for that in running. So, about half way through the run I was telling myself to try and relax my body and let it flow. It kind of worked, but certainly felt odd. What an interesting insight into the human body.

Even though I fell way short, I was pretty happy with how fast I went. I didn’t have anyone really pass me that made me upset. Although, Crash Wife was pretty mad at me for never running a 5k and still running it faster than she could run it. Personally, I was kind of glad that was the case.

My sliced toe ended up being a total non-issue. I thought for sure that it would be in a lot of pain after the run, but it wasn’t in any pain at all. I guess the way I run it didn’t really put much pressure on it. However, after the run, my right foot was in all sorts of pain. I thought there was something in my shoe that was poking me on the right side of my right foot. I even pulled off my shoe to see what it was, but couldn’t find anything. Long story short, I had a blister the size of a quarter on that foot. Talk about painful. I couldn’t walk right for the next couple days. Luckily, I didn’t feel it while I was running. I wish I could blame it on my 9 minute miles.

The other shocking part of the 5k was how sore I was a few days after the event. This made the Crash Wife very happy. I’m glad I was able to give her some consolation. I guess running uses very different muscles than ultimate frisbee. Then again, maybe I’m just getting old. Nah…I’m not ready to accept that.

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My name is John and I'm a working dad with 4 beautiful children. I'm a full time blogger and entrepreneur. These are my musings. I hope you enjoy.

6 replies on “Biting Off More Than You Can Chew..Or Is It Just Ambition?”

Who’s your daddy?

Thanks. Hopefully you enjoy it. I try to keep it entertaining. The good thing is I have like 15 draft ideas for future posts. Lots to write about.

Indeed. When I have an idea or experience I think is cool or interesting, I put it in a draft post. Then, I work from there for future posts. Although, stuff keeps happening in life as well which adds to the ongoing content. We’ll see where it all heads.

I have been waiting to hear about your results. I couldn’t decide how to respond to your time. Should I be nice and encouraging, or should I give you crap for having a big ego? I guess it will be a combination.

I am very proud of you for being active and willing to try something without training. I remember when you did a triathlon in hiking boots. That was a good idea!?! I thought it was cool because you just did it instead of making excuses- I don’t have the right shoes…

Having said that, I would love to see what you could do if you actually trained. The math teacher in me wants to comment on your rounding. Running a 28:20 is dangerously close to a 10 minute mile. Technically you would round to a 9 minute mile, but it was close.

I like to think of myself as a runner, but my pace probably qualifies me more as a jogger. I like to think of myself as faster than all the people on their couches. I just finished my first year as a high school cross country coach, and it was eye opening to say the least. I had girls who couldn’t get it under 30 minutes halfway through the season. They liked the social aspect and didn’t have much drive. It was so frustrating that I decided to go to the track and time myself. I thought for sure I could run faster than these girls, even with screwed up knees and an old lady body. I ran a 25:35. It’s probably the fastest I have ever run, and it was all because I wanted it.

I had a senior boy qualify for the state meet last Saturday, and his best time is 16:08. He trains like crazy and has some insane routines and name brand clothing issues. To contrast that, I have a couple freshmen that wear walmart clothes (jeans sometimes) and like having fun. They are only a couple minutes off the senior’s best time.

The point of my comments: I don’t know. Running is cheaper than therapy. I can’t wait for when we run our marathon together- under 4 hours right? We both might need to train for that:)

You should definitely let me have it. Although, a balance is nice even if I can use some humbling on a regular basis.

I’m glad my math teaching sister understands rounding and that it was an appropriate rounding to 9 minutes. Especially since there’s an extra tenth of mile in a 5k 😉

I think you’re absolutely right about “wanting it” being the key. I wanted to go fast, but then when I knew I was off the pace, it was pretty demoralizing and I wasn’t as motivated to keep running when I should have just kept running. I was walking way too much. I definitely didn’t have the drive to force myself to go faster. It’s amazing the psychology of it all.

My gut tells me that I’ll become a runner in the next 5-10 years. I’ll need to in order to stay healthy and keep the weight off. Although, frisbee is good enough for now.

I still have plans for a marathon once I’m 40 and I dream about being under 4 hours so I can run down the parade route. Definitely will take a lot of training if I want to run a marathon at all, let alone at that pace. I’ve got a few years.

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