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All About That Bass Parodies

I was working on Facebook today. Ok, I was probably avoiding work while I was on Facebook, but it’s nice that Facebook is part of my work, so it’s kind of like working. Plus, now that I’m posting something from my “work” on Facebook, then I guess it officially makes it work without the quotes, but I digress.

On Facebook, I found this great parody of “All About That Bass” called “I Just Can’t Clean This Place.” I’m sure my wife can really relate to this video. Plus, it’s full of good laughs and amazing mommy dancing:

Of course, when I found that video, I also found another All About that Bass parody by another mother. This second parody isn’t quite as good as far as dancing and music, but they do a better job with the words. Either way, I love a good parody and I enjoyed both of them.

To be clear, I’m totally fine with the house not being clean and happy to give my wife some space.

By John

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