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Black Friday and My Love of Gift Giving

I went shopping on Black Friday and loved it.

Seriously, that’s a really amazing thing. First, I’m not a fan of shopping. I’m all about efficiency. Shopping is the opposite of efficiency to me. At least the way that most people do shopping. If I need something, I have no problem going in and getting what I need. Then, I get out and go home. Second, it was Black Friday. Who goes shopping on Black Friday and enjoys it? I should also be clear. I didn’t campout to go shopping. I didn’t brave the masses and try and get the hottest deal at a store. I just went to a few stores and bought a few things. I took Micah with me and we had a great time.

What made the difference? First, I’ll admit that I love being in crowds. It’s like a mixture of amazing people watching and pole position. So, if their had been crowds, I would have been totally fine with that. In fact, I love the malls during Christmas. The hustle and bustle of the crowds is totally stimulating for me.

However, I think there’s a much bigger thing at work for me during Christmas. Christmas gives me a purpose for my shopping. I hate shopping without a purpose. I’d rather shoot myself than browse around for something that I “might” need. That’s the opposite of shopping during Christmas. I have absolute purpose in my shopping and everywhere I turn there’s a potential opportunity to bring joy to someone. Is there anything better than that in life?

One thing I’ve never really understood is why people hate Christmas shopping. Certainly there are people that are more fun to shop for than others, but I’ve always loved the opportunity to do something special for someone I care about. I don’t stress about it being the perfect gift. I don’t stress about having a limited budget. All of those things just bring out my creativity.

I seriously love the experience so much that I told Crash Mom to not worry about the shopping this year. I’d take care of all the shopping for the kids this year. I’m sure she’ll chip in with ideas and a few gifts she comes across. Although, I’m hoping I can take that stress off of her this year. Unlike me, she definitely stresses the Christmas gift buying process.

How do you handle Christmas gift buying? Does it bring you joy, stress, happiness, or heartache?

By John

My name is John and I'm a working dad with 4 beautiful children. I'm a full time blogger and entrepreneur. These are my musings. I hope you enjoy.

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