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Are You Having Fun? Not Soo much…

Crash Kid #3 is 5 years old and absolutely hilarious. We’re visiting the in-laws this week in upstate NY and we’ve had a chance to do a lot of fun things. Whenever his grandma asks him if he had fun at an activity he’s been responding, “I had fun, but not so much…” She then replies, “So, you didn’t have fun?” He then answers, “No. I had fun, just not so much.”

How funny is that? At least he’s an honest kid. He wants to be very precise in everything he says. What a cute kid!

Here’s a picture of Crash Kid #3 and #4 sleeping. That’s when mom and dad are happy….much happy! Plus, how sweet is it to see these two snuggling together? Last night when Crash Mom put them to bed Crash Kid #3 told her he couldn’t wait to snuggle Crash Kid #4 and give him kisses.
Gianluca and Micah Sleeping

By John

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