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Pain in the Neck

No, I’m not talking about my children. They’re perfect angels (something like that). I’m talking about literally having this crazy pain in my neck. The muscle in my neck just goes totally crazy and I can barely move without it hurting.

Some of you who know me might remember that this happened a year or two ago as well. Although, that time I had gone to the local trampoline place called SkyZone and I thought that was what caused the issue. Well, this time I didn’t do anything special and the pain came on and got progressively worse.

It turns out you use your neck muscles for a lot of things. For example, swallowing has been incredibly tough the past 7 days. Try living for a week while barely being able to swallow and it hurts when you do. Not fun. Try just laying down or sitting up in bed. You think it’s the abs working out (and they probably are), but your neck muscles are working overtime then too. They hold that massive thing (at least in my case it’s massive) known as your head from just smacking the ground. Not fun.

The bathroom is another place where you use your neck a lot. As a guy, you have to look down to aim. Try doing that when you can’t bend your neck down without hurting. The shower’s not fun either since it hurts even worse when you tip your head back to get your hair wet and wash out the soap. Even shaving uses a lot of neck muscles. Hard to shave when you can barely move your neck.

Long story short, it’s been a brutal week for me…or should I say…a total pain in the neck (pun intended).

I guess the start of 2015 hasn’t been great for me with this neck problem and my previous sickness (I wonder if coughing so much inflamed my neck muscles?). As I said in that post, being sick or hurt is a great way to help you appreciate when you’re healthy. There are so many little things we do that we take for granted. Hopefully I can heal up from the neck pain and still remember this lesson.

For those concerned at home, I’m on some drugs from the doctor that I think are helping. The Crash Mom has been a great help to me even though it’s not fun for her either. Hopefully we’re on the mend as things seem to be getting better. I wonder if I really should start Yoga to help keep the muscles limber. Although, that’s definitely out of question until I heal up. Long story short, pains in the neck are not fun.

By John

My name is John and I'm a working dad with 4 beautiful children. I'm a full time blogger and entrepreneur. These are my musings. I hope you enjoy.

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Could be your lymph nodes are inflamed from your coughing sickness. Have they been checked? Hope you feel better soon!

I wondered if the coughing caused the issue too. The cough got pretty bad. I did go to the doctor. They thought it was the muscle. Once I heal a bit more, I’m going to go see our new doctor for a full physical and see what other things I could be doing to be healthier.

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