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The Grammys – My Annual Reminder That I’m Losing Touch

Last night was The Grammys. I always enjoy watching the various awards shows. The producers of these shows have done an amazing job turning these awards shows into an entertaining spectacle. It should be that when you consider the amount of talent that goes across the stage. I enjoy entertaining spectacles of every kind, so I enjoy awards shows.

Although, as I was watching the Grammys last night, I realized that every year the Grammys teachings me how out of touch I am with what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve never been on top of the music scene. I enjoy great music, but I’m not a fanatic about it. I don’t wake up to music. I never did homework to music. I occasionally work to music, but generally don’t since it distracts from my focus. I do love dancing to music. I barely know the names of who sings what and absolutely don’t know the title of songs or albums. I’m really bad with names in life and so why would I know an artist’s name?

With my “I’m not in” disclosure out in the open, watching the Grammys makes me realize that it’s getting worse. Plus, I also realized that I don’t really care.

I think this is all a sign of me getting old. I already know the type of music I like and enjoy listening to it. I don’t have a need to go out and discover new music. Sure, if it happens great, but whatever.

What’s your take? Do you keep up with the latest in music and other cultural trends? Or have you given up like me and you’re ok with it?

By John

My name is John and I'm a working dad with 4 beautiful children. I'm a full time blogger and entrepreneur. These are my musings. I hope you enjoy.

2 replies on “The Grammys – My Annual Reminder That I’m Losing Touch”

It’s not a sign of aging, it’s a sign of indifference. I used to listen to music all the time and I enjoy it. All kinds of music. The only thing I don’t like is rap with all the obscenity and heavy metal. Everything else is fun. Last night Jim and I went to a neighborhood restaurant, Milanos, and they had a man playing music without the words. He either sang the words or just let the melody play. Most it was older music, but it was a mix of Satchmo, Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc. we enjoyed it. I used to dance but Jim is not into it and so after 40+ years I’ve lost the moves. I watched the Grammys and I do not enjoy Madonna, Kanye West, Annie ? and a few that I don’t have a clue who they are. I did enjoy Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. I love Sam Smiths voice. I like the antics of everyone. I found the program very entertaining. Jim went to bed. Ha!

I’ve only had a wife that didn’t care to dance for 12 years. Luckily I have other children that love to dance. In fact, my daughter’s almost tall enough to really dance with me. I can’t wait! Not that I’m a good dancer anyway, but I love it.

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