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America Ninja Warrior Meets the Scriptures

Today as we were driving home from the waterpark, my wife and I were talking about what we should do for Family Home Evening (FHE). For those not familiar with FHE, every Monday we get together as a family and have a lesson, read scriptures, sing songs, have activities and dessert. It’s not always pretty, but my kids love it. That’s why I can say that every Monday we get together. Ok, we’re not perfect even with our kids wanting to do it. Travel and other things get in the way, but long story short we think there’s value in holding regular FHE and we do so regularly.

As we’re driving back, we were making sure we had something planned for FHE. Otherwise, we’d have a car full of upset children. As we’re thinking about what to do, my daughter says “America Ninja Warrior’s on tonight. We have to watch it.” Seriously, how cool is my daughter?

I thought it was a great idea and the perfect activity for FHE. My wife didn’t look at me in utter disgust, so the FHE activity was planned: America Ninja Warrior. As we drove home, I told the kids that we could watch America Ninja Warrior for FHE, but that first we had to have a lesson.

Right then and there I started proposing which prophets from the scriptures were America Ninja Warriors. I might have stretched Samuel the Lamanite’s “climb” up the wall a little bit to meet the criteria, but scaling a wall and arrows not being able to hit you felt pretty America Nina Warrior like to me.

Nephi certainly felt like an America Ninja Warrior since he was large in stature. I suggested possibly Abinadi and Ammon, but Crash Kid #1 suggested that they were just fighting and not actually ninja warriors. He was right. He also didn’t like Daniel and the Lions Den since it wasn’t like Daniel had to wrestle the lions or something. I asked him what he thought about Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego. They were thrown in the fire and survived. That felt pretty America Ninja Warrior like to me.

Finally, I saved Captain Moroni to finish them off. He climbed up on tower after tower with the Title of Liberty in his hands and held it up for everyone to see. He probably used the stairs or a ladder to get up the tower as opposed to a warped wall, but he’s still a Ninja Warrior in my book.

Not the most traditional lesson, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

America Ninja Warrior Side Note: The weatherman looked good tonight. I think there are probably 10-20 people that could go all the way this year. It will be interesting to see which ones get hung up on something tricky and don’t make it to the final rounds.

P.S. If you’re not a mormon and don’t know some of these stories, you can request a free Book of Mormon and you can read the stories as well.

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