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When Your Daughter Discovers Your Wife’s Cell Phone

I’ve started getting some somewhat odd messages from the Crash Wife lately. Although, the oddity eventually gets explained when I get a message from the Crash Wife saying “That was Crash Kid #2 texting you.”

It’s amazing when an 8 year old discovers their mom’s cell phone and what it can really do. Our kids have always had electronics, but we’ve really only partially explained what it can accomplish. I think some ignorance is bliss. However, that’s changing now as Crash Kid #2 is starting to figure it all out herself.

Luckily, it has some lovely side effects. Check out this picture and message Crash Kid #2 sent me yesterday as I was traveling home for the funeral:

Hi dad I wish you could be with me and know I love you very much.Daddy tell Crash Kid #1 I wish you could be here to help Crash Kid #3 walk and I wish you were here to go with us to lion house and eat food. Love, Crash Kid #2

Crash Kid 2

How sweet is that? I’m going to keep this for the days when she doesn’t love me quite so much.

By John

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