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What Did I Do? New York in December!

My wife just happily showed me an article titled “Upstate NY predicted to face coldest winter ever recorded.” Normally this type of headline would leave to laughter on my end. Yes, I must admit that I do get some joy and satisfaction seeing pictures of cold and snow during winter while I enjoy the beautiful sunny Las Vegas. Sure, it gets a little bit colder here during winter, but it’s only really snowed 2-3 times since I’ve been here. Plus, even when it does snow it’s kind of fun and melts off before it becomes an issue.

My theory on snow is simple: I love to play in the snow, not live in it.

That principle has served me well living and is one reason why I enjoy living in Las Vegas. Of course, this year is different. My wife bamboozled me into going back to upstate New York in December again. Why are we tempting fate?

Last year we did more or less the same thing. We went to visit my Crash-in-laws in upstate New York for Christmas and New Years. We all had a great time and we had maybe one little dusting of snow while we were there. It was great! I can’t imagine there’s anyway we’re going to get that lucky again.

My kids will enjoy it. Last year one of our kids saw a light dusting of snow and said, “Woooooo, that’s a lot of snow.” Little did they know that most people wouldn’t have even considered it snow.

I must be crazy! But you all already knew that. Well, I guess it gives me one more reason to sit with all my Italian relatives eating more than I should and shooting the breeze. As long as the snow doesn’t prevent them going to get the pizza and cannolis, I should be fine.

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