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Showing Up at Restaurants Dressed Up As Their Mascot

As I mentioned in my last post about our restaurant Halloween costumes, we had some good fun this year dressing up as various restaurant mascots (not sure if that’s the right term, but you get the point). The Crash Wife decided to take it one step further and on Halloween she took each of the kids to their related restaurant to order some food (I was off playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament).

I guess the reaction was great when they walk in. She even took pictures of each of our kids behind the counter at the restaurants (assuming the counter wasn’t taller than the child). I guess Jack in the Box wins the award for the best reaction. They were over the moon that “Jack” showed up at their restaurant and decided to comp the whole meal. Well done!

Although, the funniest part my wife told me is that they came out after and asked if they could take a picture with Jack. My wife’s thinking about going back in there with “Jack” every month 😉 Enjoy some of the pictures from the excursion:

Crash Kid #1 – Jack from Jack in the Box

Crash Kid #2 – Wendy from Wendy’s

Crash Kid #3 – JD Pickle from Jason’s Deli

Crash Kid #4 – Fireman from Firehouse Subs

Side Note: There’s no Chick-Fil-A in Las Vegas yet, so Crash Mom couldn’t wear her outfit.

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