Welcome to Crash Dad!  I’ve been thinking for at least a year now that I should start a blog of my very own. I’ve seen how amazing Mommy Bloggers have done and I think there’s such an opportunity for Daddy Bloggers to create a successful blog as well. Plus, I kept thinking of all these things that I would blog about if I just had my very own Daddy Blog.
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What you should know about me is that I’m a full time blogger. I like to tell people that I’m more entrepreneur than I am journalist. Although, I like to think that I’m a thought leader on my blogs as well. Either way, I’ve created thousands and thousands of blog posts across my ~25 blogs ever since I started back in 2005. In 2010, I quit the day job and became a full time blogger.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to work for myself from home doing something I love. Sure, it has its ups and downs, but for the most part I regularly find myself trying to figure out how I’ve been so blessed to be a full time blogger.

I’m sure your next question is what do I blog about. I mostly blog about Healthcare IT and EMR (Electronic Medical Record), Reality TV, and Las Vegas Startup companies. Yes, it’s quite the eclectic mix of topics. How I got into each blogging topic is a story I’m sure I’ll share in a future blog post. The great part about being a blogger is that I have a lot of stories to share.

If you’re like most people I meet, your next question is likely “How do you make money blogging?” Since I’ve been asked this question so often, I created a resource called Killer Blogging which teaches people how to make money blogging. It doesn’t teach you the mechanics of blogging. You can find hundreds of free resources online to help you do that. Instead, it teaches you the process for choosing a blog topic, creating content, marketing your content, and then making money.

Why Crash Dad?
The very first website I ever created was called CrashUtah.com. I was in college, and the website was basically like city search for Utah County (where I went to school at BYU). “Crash” was kind of like “to crash a party.” I had one really cool feature on the website called the Random Date Generator that would pull from our database of restaurants and activities and give you an idea for a date. Unfortunately, that was about all that was really interesting, so the website never went anywhere.

As I grew my blogging empire (lol), what do you call a company which includes a bunch of health IT, reality TV and Las Vegas startup blogs? Yeah, it doesn’t really matter. So, I’ve just kept using the name CrashUtah for my company. I guess now you could say it’s become part of the family.

Given that background, it just made sense to call my daddy blog, Crash Dad. Plus, crash and fatherhood just seem to go together.

My Family
I’m always torn how much to share or not share about my family. I’m already out there everywhere. That’s just a feature of being a blogger. With that said, my oldest son already has a blog currently dedicated to minions. We’ll see where he takes it. My daughter has asked me if she can have a princess blog. My third child should just start an instagram account because he’s the cutest kid in the world with amazing eyelashes (seriously, once the 100th person tells you how great his eyelashes are, it’s truth. He gets them from his mom). The baby doesn’t yet have a blog, but likely would if he knew that was an option.

I’m lucky to have a beautiful wife and 4 crazy beautiful children. The crazy they get from me. The beautiful they get from my wife.

Here’s a cute picture of my family:
Crash Dad's Family

There you have it. A short into to Crash Dad. Although, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention my love passion addiction to ultimate frisbee and dancing. If you know me at all or read this blog for any length of time, you’ll likely already know this.

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