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When You Discover Your Kids are Foodies

Yesterday we were trying to figure out dinner. My wife was holding Crash Kid #4 when she sarcastically said, “I think we’re going to have a 5 course meal.”

Crash Kid #4 was having none of that (Although, it’s not clear that he knows what a 5 course meal really is). In his anger at her proposition, he said, “No…grrrr…I want a hot dog. Or Mac N Cheese.”

I can’t believe we would try and propose a 5 course meal when we could have a hot dog or Mac N Cheese. Seriously, what’s our problem?

Needless to say, we acquiesced and had Mac N Cheese for dinner. I added hamburger to take it to that next level of awesomeness. I know. We have very refined palettes. It’s tough being a father of children that are such foodies.

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Our Restaurant Halloween Costumes

Last night we had a trunk or treat at church and so we got a chance to take a picture of all of us in our Halloween costumes. This year the kids thought it would be fun to do a restaurant theme. I think the idea started with Crash Kid #1 saying he wanted to be Jack for Halloween. It just ballooned from there and here’s the result:

Crash Dad – Creepy King from Burger King
Crash Mom – Cow from Chick-Fil-A
Crash Kid #1 – Jack from Jack in the Box
Crash Kid #2 – Wendy from Wendy’s
Crash Kid #3 – JD Pickle from Jason’s Deli
Crash Kid #4 – Fireman from Firehouse Subs

No, we didn’t all dress up as restaurant mascots as a ploy to get these restaurants to sponsor Crash Dad. Although, we definitely eat at all of these places, but probably eat at Jason’s Deli the most.

P.S. I love that my kids are all barefoot and that my daughter snuck her doll into the picture.

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Sometimes It’s Fun to be a Mean Parent

You can tell just how much she loved that lime.
You can tell just how much she loved that lime.

I got to enjoy a nice week with Crash Aunt’s family this last week which included a bunch of fun events and experiences that hopefully our kids will remember for years to come.  One of these events that may be remembered for less than positive reasons was Family Fear Factor Food Edition.

In defense of myself I didn’t make my kids participate, but the two oldest decided they wanted to play with their cousins so we were happy to let them.

The first round involved eating a lemon or lime with the exception of the rind.  As you can see from the picture, my oldest didn’t enjoy this round so much, but her brother didn’t seem to mind.  The second round was a bit more interesting as it involved shrimp chips that were similar in texture to a Cheetos Puff.  The youngest had actually been eating these chips for most of the night, while I thought they were absolutely disgusting.

It took a few tears and encouragement, but the oldest was able to get them down eventually.  Her little brother didn’t seem to mind them at all, but then I saw a face that was all too familiar.  He was starting to gag and I had to act fast if his cousins didn’t want vomit all over them.  I ran around the table and pulled him off the bench just as the projectiles started to exit his mouth.  He ended up getting some on his sleeves but it could have been much worse.

Part of me wanted to laugh along with the rest of the aunts and uncles and cousins, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for the kid.  It was amazing just how much came out of such a little guy.  Don’t feel too bad for him because 20 minute later he was pounding ice cream and running around with his cousins.

The oldest went one more round eating a prune but that was where she stopped.  I went on to eat the tomato sauce, jalapenos, mushroom, and even a nasty sardine.  I didn’t win however as I was unwilling to eat pig’s feet no matter what the reward.

In hindsight, it was incredibly entertaining to watch them both struggle through, and I am very proud of them for doing something that was scary to them.  Sometimes it just takes a little “mean” parenting to get them to push their limits.

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#SuperDad at Chuck E. Cheese’s

For Father’s Day, my wife decided to leave town for about a week. Wasn’t that generous of her? She left 4 beautiful angel children with me for a whole week. Crash Wife is so generous! I feel so lucky to have her make such sacrifices for me.

As you may remember, when the wife is away I go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I really didn’t plan to make it a tradition when I wrote that post, but it seems like I’ve now officially made it a tradition. I won’t be surprised if the next time that crash wife goes out of town the crash kids ask me, “When are we going to Chuck E. Cheese’s?”
Crash Kid 2 and Chuck E Cheese
The good part is that Chuck E. Cheese’s is fine even with 4 kids. They have the person manning the door and so you can relax and enjoy the time together while the kids run all over.

Chuck E. Cheese’s sent me a Father’s Day pass to be able to go and get some free pizza, drinks and tokens. Plus, they gave me a challenge to teach my kids a lesson in skeeball and basketball. Ok, that’s not how they phrased it. They asked for us to go and have fun competing with our kids. Anyone who knows me understands that I’m hyper competitive and there’s only one person in the world where I don’t mind losing: Crash Wife. I’ll take it easy on the Crash Kids and I’ll make sure they have a good time, but I’ll also make sure I win. It’s just who I am and how I’m made.
Skeeball High Five at Chuck E Cheese
See what I mean in the picture above? He certainly seems like he’s happy (even if I just smoked him in a game of skeeball). My favorite game though has to be the basketball shoot out. Luckily Crash Tennessee Aunt wasn’t there or I’d get smoked by her, but she was no where to be seen. However, I have to admit that Crash Kid #1 is starting to catch up with me. I’m sure a few years down the road he’ll read this post and laugh as he challenges me to a game of something. I figure I’ll just retire by that point.
Beating Crash Kid 1 at Basketball at Chuck E Cheese
I also loved playing Skeeball with Crash Kid #4. It’s so funny watching a 2 year old play skeeball. He can’t score any points since he can’t roll the ball hard enough to get up the ramp into the scoring area so our ticket collection suffers. However, he also gets a bunch of free rolls since half of his rolls don’t make it all the way up the ramp either and roll right back down to him. He has a great time even if it pulls at my heart to not score points on each ball. At least he’s cute doing it.
Barely Big Enough to Play Skeeball at Chuck E Cheese's
While the games were fun, I couldn’t help but let out a big belly laugh when Crash Kid #1 said the following as we were leaving, “I just have to say, that pizza was great!” In fact, he’s been raving about the delicious cheese pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s ever since. This coming from the kid who doesn’t like to eat anything.
Crash Kid 1 and Chuck E Cheese's Pizza
As part of Father’s Day, Chuck E. Cheese’s is giving dads a chance to win tickets to the 2015 Big Ball Game in Cincinnati (You know the one that can’t be mentioned). All you have to do to enter is to share images and stories about what you love most about being a dad using the hashtag #SuperDad. Plus, I think they’re giving away some free guest passes to Chuck E. Cheese’s as well. Here’s my entry with a picture of Crash Kid #3 making new friends that I tweeted out today.

What a great day with the kids! I even was a real Super Dad since I let Crash Kid #4 bring one of his friends with us as well. Nothing quite like being the cool dad who takes your kids’ friends fun places.

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Picky Eater Parody of “Rude”

This video is dedicated to Crash Mom. She knows the realities of living with a house full of picky eaters very well. I know it’s not easy, so I appreciate her patience. I wish I could just eat the food too.

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Dubai Reminded Me A Lot of New York City or Chicago

After my long plane ride to Dubai, I was told I could easily take the Metro from the airport to my hotel. I used the free wifi in the airport to see if that was true and to make sure I knew where I knew where I was going. By the way, I’ve found that Google Maps has done a really good job with metros/subways these days. I checked out the map and it definitely looked easy. So, I decided to be brave and try the metro to my hotel.

Before hitting the metro, I had to pass through immigration which was actually quite easy. I’m also now registered for quick entry into Dubai. Next time I go (in August) I’ll be able to just scan my passport and not have to wait in line at all. That will be nice. Although, I think I’ll have Kristine, so I’ll probably have to wait for her. I’m told the lines at immigration in Dubai can be hit or miss on how long you wait. It was pretty fast for me.

Luckily I was able to go with all checked luggage so I followed the signs to the metro. There was a nice information booth where I could buy a ticket and ask which metro I needed to take. Of course, I learned that they didn’t take American Express and so I had to use my Visa debit card which I think charged me an international fee. Lesson learned. There were a bunch of places that didn’t take American Express. I should have known that Visa is everywhere you want to be.

The metro was about the easiest metro I’ve ever done and I’ve done them in NYC, Chicago and all over Italy. All the signs were in Arabic and English, so there were no issues with reading any of the signs. It was super simple and I felt really safe. Here’s a picture of the Dubai metro station from my hotel room:
Dubai Metro Station
The trip on the metro to my hotel and once I was in my hotel, I would have thought I was in any big city in the US like Chicago or New York. There were a lot of really big buildings and the hotel was just like any hotel you’d find anywhere else as far as amenities. Luckily, it was a nice hotel and it only cost me like $50 a night. Of course, I was there in the hot season they tell me. Here’s some pictures from my hotel room and the street in front of my hotel:

Speaking of which, it was definitely hot. After getting to my hotel I went searching for food at about 10 PM and it was still really hot. On the edge of sweating hot at 10 PM. Pretty crazy. You’d think I’d be use to it in Las Vegas, but even Vegas doesn’t get that hot.

I walked up and down the main street in front of my hotel searching for food. There was a wide variety of food and I’m a picky eater. So, I thought I wouldn’t tempt fate that first night and I just wanted to get something quick before I went to bed. I finally chose to get some pasta and breadsticks from Pizza Hut. I figured that would be safe.
Dubai Pizza Hut
Boy was I wrong. The pasta was awful and the breadsticks were almost ok, but there was just something that wasn’t quite right. I was disappointed, but the breadsticks got me through the night.

The funny story about Pizza Hut though was that I texted the Crash Wife that the Pizza Hut had like a 24 page menu. I didn’t note that it had about 3 items on each page, but the menu was thick. I guess she told Crash Kid #1 about it and so now when anyone asks me about Dubai and he’s around he quickly informs them that the Pizza Hut had a 24 page menu. It’s always funny to see what kids glob onto.

That was night one in Dubai. I honestly felt like I could have been in any big city. I thought it would be much different, but I found that it felt almost the same. That was a surprise for me.

Next up is what I call Dubai Honolulu and Dubai Las Vegas.

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Little Caesar’s Bacon Wrapped Pizza

I finally caved. I’d seen the commercials. I’d seen some random guy on YouTube buy it and eat it on camera (Sorry I can’t find the link, but he was so entertaining. I couldn’t trust his evaluation though since I’m pretty sure he loves all food.) I couldn’t help but try out the allure of bacon wrapped pizza. What genius marketing from Little Caesar’s.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what I paid for the pizza. When I heard bacon wrapped I did something that rarely happens to me: I just said give me one of those without even considering the price. I remember blankly staring at the price, but I didn’t even process the number in my head. I just ordered it. I also told myself that I’ll probably never buy it again, but I had to at least try it once.

My assessment of the Little Caesar’s Bacon Wrapped Pizza was it was good, but not great. How could I dislike a pepperoni deep dish pizza with bacon on it and wrapped around it? I couldn’t dislike it, but did I like it any better than the usual cheese or pepperoni that I usually ate? Not really.

I will say that the crust on the bacon wrapped pizza was better. I wasn’t sure if the bacon would be cooked right, but it tasted really good. Definitely better than a plain crust.

All in all, I think I was right. I don’t see myself ever buying the bacon wrapped pizza again. If I saw it at a party next to a slice of cheese pizza, I’d probably take the bacon wrapped pizza. However, I don’t see myself paying extra for it. I’m a simple man with simple needs. Cheese or pepperoni are just fine with me. It was nice to splurge once though.