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When You Discover Your Kids are Foodies

Yesterday we were trying to figure out dinner. My wife was holding Crash Kid #4 when she sarcastically said, “I think we’re going to have a 5 course meal.”

Crash Kid #4 was having none of that (Although, it’s not clear that he knows what a 5 course meal really is). In his anger at her proposition, he said, “No…grrrr…I want a hot dog. Or Mac N Cheese.”

I can’t believe we would try and propose a 5 course meal when we could have a hot dog or Mac N Cheese. Seriously, what’s our problem?

Needless to say, we acquiesced and had Mac N Cheese for dinner. I added hamburger to take it to that next level of awesomeness. I know. We have very refined palettes. It’s tough being a father of children that are such foodies.

Daddy Blog From the Mouths of Crash Kids

When Your Son Wants to Change His Name – From the Mouths of Crash Kids

Tonight I took the time to lay down next to Crash Kid #3 (7 years old for those following along at home) and talk with him before he went off to sleep. The kid never ceases to amaze me. He’s so deliberate and thoughtful. It’s impressive.

While we were chatting, the conversation headed off in a surprising direction. It went something like this.

Crash Kid #3: Dad, at school I write my name as Micah Moo Moo. I really like that name.
Dad: Oh, that’s cool. Like on your homework or where?
Crash Kid #3: Yeah. Not on the stuff where I have to write neat or if it’s getting posted on the board. On the other stuff.
Dad: Interesting. Is your teacher ok with that?
Crash Kid #3: I don’t know…but there’s this girl in my class named Addison. On her papers she writes her name as Addie and the teacher calls her Addie instead of Addison. I write my name as Micah Moo Moo and the teacher still just calls me Micah.
Dad: (lol) Did you want the teacher to call you Micah Moo Moo?
Crash Kid #3: Yes.

There you have it. I guess Crash Kid #3 wants a name change. I did ask him if he thought the other kids would make fun of him if his name was Micah Moo Moo. He told me that they wouldn’t. He then told me he was going to write a song for me about Micah Moo Moo. Sadly the camera wasn’t rolling, but in case you were wondering it did say that Micah Moo Moo was a cow.

I told him, “Great, then we won’t have to buy any more milk.” He quickly replied, “I don’t like milk.” I guess it makes sense that Micah Moo Moo the cow wouldn’t like milk. I wonder if he’s a chocolate cow. I’ll have to ask him tomorrow.

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Funny Cinderella Perspectives from My 12 Year Old Son

I was driving home with my son (Crash Kid #1) after a church event where we got to hear from a member of the 12 apostles (Elder Holland for those following along at home). It was almost 10 PM as we got home and I told my son that he’d turn into a pumpkin at 10 PM. He corrected me and said that you turned into a pumpkin at midnight, not 10. He then went on to share his feelings about Cinderella. Here’s more or less what he said:

What was Cinderella doing out so late? She had until midnight. She shouldn’t have stayed out so late and the party even went on for 3 more hours or something. (Side Note: My son usually goes to bed around 8 PM)

Glass slippers. Those weren’t very practical. Glass isn’t very strong and can’t hold much weight before it breaks. Plump Cinderella would likely break them. (Side Note: I’m not sure why he thinks Cinderella was plump. I always thought she was skinny.)

They didn’t do a good job on the prince either. He’s wearing overalls or something. Wait…you know those things that hold your pants up. Suspenders! They should have spent more time on him. Those weren’t the right style then. (Side Note: I didn’t realize he knew Cinderella period styling)

Kids can be so awesome. Tonight was awesome with my son. When he said his evening prayers he prayed “I hope we can do a night like this again.” Can you give me an “Amen!”?

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The Joy of Children is Infectious

Happy Baby 2
Crash Kid #4 just walked into my office (also my bedroom for those keeping track at home) and was laughing totally uncontrollably. I’d never seen him have such uncontrollable laughter. In fact, I can’t remember any 3 year old laughing so much that he couldn’t control himself.
Happy Baby
It was awesome to watch, but I wondered what was so funny. I asked him why he was laughing so hard and he replied, “Momma…..She’s so Funny…” which then led to even more laughter. I guess the Crash Mom might want to consider a career in comedy.

Although, as he left the room, I realized that his laughter was so totally infectious. All I wanted to do after seeing him laugh was smile.
Happy Baby 3

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From the Mouths of Crash Kids

The Crash Kids were on something last night and just kept saying funny things. So, I decided to capture some of them and make a post about them so you could enjoy them as well (at least I hope you laugh at them like I did). Sometimes it’s the small things with kids.

Crash Kid #3 was bouncing literally off the couch yesterday night when I asked what his sister was doing on the computer. He replied, “She’s updating my awesome dance moves on my special blog.” Note: He was dancing while saying this. He actually had some good hip action.

Then, he said, “She’s computering on the computer.”

A short time after this he was walking up the stairs to bed when I told him that I loved him. He responded, “Never say I love you or else I’ll beast you up.” I don’t know about you, but I’d loved to be beasted up.

When I went to say prayers and good night to Crash Kid #1, he told me that “Failures is how you become famous.” Besides the poor grammar, it took me a second to process what he meant. Then, I replied that “That’s true. My first website failed, it only made $200.” Crash Kid #1 replied, “How’s that a failure?” I replied, “I can’t live off $200.” He replied, “I can.”

Looks like we still need to teach him how much it costs to live. Although I still love that $200 seems like a ton of money to him. Also, in case you’re wondering, he did clarify that what he meant was that many successful people had failures before they became successful. He then reeled off a slew of stories about Michael Jordan getting kicked off his high school basketball team and a whole bunch of other successful people. I told him that it was great that he’d learned that failure doesn’t preclude success, but is part of success.

I love the Crash Kids.