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The Power of Healthy Eating

Today my Crash Wife came into my office (the bedroom) and declared “I’ve Lost 5 Pounds!

It was a great moment and I’m really proud of my wife. She’s worked really hard to lose those five pounds. What’s interesting is that she’d been running and walking quite a bit already, but she wasn’t losing the weight. The real key to her losing the weight has been her focus on eating healthy. That’s a really hard habit to change.

It’s even harder for her to eat healthy since I’m such a picky eater that enjoys some unhealthy food. That’s starting to catch up with me a bit, so we’ll see where that evolution heads. It’s hard to be a healthy eater when you’re a really picky eater. Although, I can still apply the principle of portion control and the unnecessary (but extremely satisfying) late night eating.

It’s been an interesting journey for my wife and her weight. I imagine it will be for the rest of her life. In fact, it is for all of us. Having 4 children is a great recipe for gaining weight. As a husband, my wife’s weight fluctuations never influenced my love for her one iota. I love her for who she was and not what she looked like.

With that said, seeing her work towards a weight loss goal and achieve it is really sexy. When she’s working out she feels empowered and stronger and I love that about her. Her confidence is better and I love it. Plus, I love her tenacity to not give up on something. There were a few days she struggled, so days like today should be celebrated (in a blog post for example).

I’m lucky to have a fighter for a wife. Although, those that know her know that she’s the sweetest, most giving fighter you’ll ever meet.