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True Love

True Love Take 1
Going to Walmart at 10 pm to buy a burnable cd (when will schools learn about yhis thing we call the internet?) So you can burn a song for your daughter to audition for the elementary school talent show.

True Love Take 2
Doing dishes at 11 pm when you just want to sleep.

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Seeing My Wife Get Out and Use Her Talents Is Beautiful

I recently had Pinot’s Palette reach out to me about the grand opening celebration of their new location at Town Square (They also have one in Green Valley and Boca Park). As part of the invitation, I was offered a number of free classes so I could experience Pinot’s Palette first hand.

My first reaction to this was “I don’t drink.” They noted that I could still paint even if I didn’t drink and that many who attended didn’t go to drink. Little did they know that I don’t paint. I love doing most things in life, but art has never been one of them.

Once I got over my own selfish desires, I had an even better idea. I should see if the Crash Wife wanted to go and do some art. She’s a fantastic artist and has an incredibly creative mind. Didn’t take long after I asked for her to reply that she’d love to go.

The amazing part of this to me is that I loved that she went as much as she loved it. There’s just something special and beautiful about seeing your wife get out of the house, away from the kids, with a friend doing something she enjoys. I really loved it and I can’t wait for her to go and do it again.

As part of Pinot’s Palette’s Grand Opening celebration on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8, participants can sign up for either of the two-hour 7 p.m. classes on Friday or Saturday for $39, with 100 percent of the painting proceeds to be donated to St. Jude. Guests interested in signing up for Friday’s class can register online and Saturday’s class registration is available.

I think we’re going to have more of the Crash Wife’s paintings around the house and that’s really exciting to think about.

Daddy Blog Marriage

My Wife Might Need an Intervention

After almost 13 years of marriage, you’d think you’d know your wife. At least I thought I knew the Crash Wife pretty well. You know what annoys her. You know what she likes.

I’m not sure why, but something’s changed with the Crash Wife. I think the change can best be described by a picture. Here it is in all it’s glory:

Crash Wife - Trash Can Placement

Can you see what’s wrong?

Seriously, I can’t even understand this picture. This is 13 years of habits that she’s breaking and I’m not sure why?

I’m really not sure what to make of it. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Did she change her mind? Why is this change happening?

I imagine a few of you following along at home aren’t exactly sure what I’m talking about. That’s ok. You haven’t had the 13 years of blissful marital history that we’ve had to inform your eyes.

I think that this image might clarify the situation:

Crash Wife - Trash Can Placement Annotated

Seriously, what happened? The woman who can’t stand to see a single useful computer or TV wire visible is now ok with the trash can being out in the open. We’re talking about ugly, putrid, dirty, trash out in the open where everyone that comes to visit can come and see it.

Personally, I’m fine with the trash being out and easily accessible. Sure I have to break 13 years of putting trash under the sink, but I grew up with trash cans out in the wild for most of my life. I’m just surprised she’s now suddenly interested in making the change.

Next thing you know, she’s going to be ok with us leaving our shoes near the door where everyone can see them too. I’m not sure what I’ll do if she says she starts liking the cereal boxes on top of the fridge.