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Not So Subtle Hints

As most of you know, I work from home. As a solo entrepreneur, I often bounce work ideas off my wife. It’s just nice to have someone to bounce thoughts off of even if she really doesn’t know my business. Luckily, my wife is a great listener.

I just went out of my office to bounce some thoughts off of her and when she saw me she said, “Are you home from work already?”

I replied, “Do you want me to be?”

She checked the time on the iPad and then turned with a sly smile and said, “Yep!”

I’ll admit. I’m really bad at reading the hints my wife offers me. I often tell her that I’m happy to do anything for her, but I can’t be held accountable for subtle hints.

That said. I’m pretty sure I just got a subtle hint. Works over for today. Time to start the weekend!