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Can You Say Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze?

A couple of people told me that they were interested in my Daddy Blog since they had read many Mommy Blogs, but they were interested in how a dad’s perspective might be different. I think my wife is interested to read that as well. Hopefully this post starts us down that path, but Crash Dad might be a disappointment for them since I’m likely going to post as often (or more often) about my job, my random thoughts, my passions, and my children and family (not necessarily in that order).

Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll just write about my children. I’m sure there will be plenty to write about. My kids are crazy. Crazy in a good way. They’re just like me. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little bit crazy. That’s what keeps life interesting. Although, here’s my real problem with writing about my kids. If I’m writing about my kids, I’m likely going to include some pictures. Let’s be honest, if I put pictures of my kids in a post, then it won’t really matter what I write about it.

Exhibit 1:
Crash Dad Family Corn Maze

See what I mean? I’m pretty sure most of you didn’t even read those first two paragraphs. All you wanted to do was look at the picture of us at the corn maze. Can I just ask…why did my kids love corn in the corn maze? Seriously, I’ve never seen my kids want to shuck the corn on the cob at home. In the corn maze I couldn’t stop them from shucking the corn. In the picture above, we’re about 100 feet into the corn maze. That’s right. We’re 100 feet in and we already have 2 ears or corn ready for the picture. You should have seen us in the end. Alessia even created a stock pile of corn that she went back to get. You can imagine their disappointment when I was a bad (or is it good) father and told them that we weren’t taking any corn out of the corn maze.

Also, in case you missed it, I think the kid that photobombed us probably was jealous of our corn. I love the incidental photobomb. Ok. Let’s be honest. I love photobombs period!

Now that you haven’t read this either, here’s a few more pictures to keep you coming back and reading this site.

Gianluca with Glasses

Is there anything cuter than oversized glasses and hats on babies?

Gianluca's Elmer Fudd Face

Ok, you’re right. Elmer Fudd faced baby might beat it.

Seriously though, we asked Gianluca to smile for the camera and that’s the face he makes. I’m not sure what Curtis is doing with his arm in the air, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next frame was him whacking his sister with it. Why do little boys like to whack their sister? I don’t get it. I always fought my brothers, but never my sisters.

This picture is more like what we have to do in our house:
Pumpkin Between Boys and Girls
Indeed. Children, please keep at least a pumpkin between you and your brother/sister. That’s going to be the new saying in our house. I guess that’s one way to celebrate the season.

All in all, the trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze was a success. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if the trip to Brick Oven for pizza and pasta won’t be just as memorable as the pumpkin patch and corn maze itself. I should have taken a picture, but Curtis drew a plan on the back of his kid’s menu of which pizza he wanted to eat from the pizza buffet (They call it the Heaps Sampler). It was too funny watching him cross off each thing as he ate it. I won’t bring up the fact that they didn’t even have any bread ready and were running out of pizza. What kind of a pizza place is that?

Ok, how’s that? I’m I now officially a Daddy Blogger?

Career Daddy Blog


Today is Friday! The official start to the weekend for most people. You’re as familiar as I am with the comments on Facebook:

“I’m so glad it’s Friday!”

“When will this day be over, I need my weekend!!”

In fact, people love the idea of Friday and the weekend that when they work odd shifts or have Friday off they say “Today’s my Friday!” It’s almost as if they’re rubbing it into your face that they have something special coming.

I definitely know and understand this feeling. I’ve certainly been in a job where Friday was a heaven sent. The idea that I wouldn’t have to be at work for a few days was something special. I still remember the deep joy I felt as a child leaving school each Friday. Unfortunately, Friday means something very different for me today.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love Fridays and the weekend. I usually go on dates with my wife on Fridays and Saturdays. Definitely something to look forward to. I love going to church on Sunday. I love doing cool stuff with my kids on the weekend. I usually play ultimate frisbee on Saturday and that’s something to always look forward to. Right now, there’s plenty of Football on TV and I love enjoying some time in front of the TV enjoying some sports. No doubt, there are a lot of great things about the weekend.

With that said, my excitement for the weekend isn’t nearly what it used to be. It turns out, I really love my job. Sure, there are parts of my job that I don’t enjoy very much, but overall I love doing what I’m doing.

For those not familiar with my story (you can read some of it here), my hobby became my job. That’s right. I was a blogger on the nights and weekends well before it became my full time job. I was doing my job when no one was paying me to do it. That’s saying something.

Think about this in the framework of Friday. I’m basically going from something great to something great. Am I excited for the weekend? Yes! But I’m excited to work as well. They’re both great. Think about what that means for me on Monday. I’m pretty blessed that way. Although, I have to admit that sometimes I miss the excitement of Fridays.

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What’s In A Logo?

If you know me, you know that I have no design taste. Literally, I care so little about design. I have to be forced to try and make something beautiful. I’m so focused on form and function that I don’t pay nearly enough attention to design. I guess that’s why I use the same theme and template for pretty much all of my blogs. I’ve found something that works and stick with it. In fact, that theme is really a theme for my life. Once I’ve found something that works, I don’t see any reason to change. You can be sure that will be a theme of future blog posts.

With that said, I understand that there is value in a cool, catchy design. Plus, I like that people instantly recognize my blog when they see it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I asked my talented Crash Wife (who has a knack for making things look nice even if she doesn’t want to admit it) to create a logo for Crash Dad.

It turns out she’s a reader of Crash Dad and felt motivated to create Crash Dad’s cool new logo:
Crash Dad Logo

We might still make a few changes to the colors, but I thought she did a perfect job capturing the essence of Crash Dad. The picture on the left is particularly perfect for Crash Dad. It’s a really great example of what life is like for me as a father. Plus, I love that she included the picture of my daughter kissing me. There’s just something undeniably amazing about a love a father has for a daughter.

What do you think of the logo? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Would you change anything? Remember to be kind since my Crash Wife made it.

Daddy Blog Family

Crash Dad’s Family

I was thinking (no comments from the peanut gallery). What kind of Daddy Blog doesn’t have a picture of his family? Seemed like it was time I remedy that problem. I’m actually working on a cool logo for the top of the blog. When I say that I’m working on a cool CrashDad logo for the blog, what I really mean is that I’ve asked my wife to make a cool CrashDad logo for the blog. Hopefully she’ll include some pictures of the children as well since they’re so cute.

Isn’t that so sweet of her to do this for me? Actually, I’m just terrible at it, so the choice was to have her do it or not have one. So, that’s an easy choice really. Plus, what’s the point of having such a talented wife if you can’t have her make a cool logo for your daddy blog? Now I’m a little afraid I’ve set her up to fail on the logo by telling you that she’s so talented. The good part is she is talented, so I’m not worried. Plus, if she is worried about it being perfect, all she needs to do is look at what I have now. It has to be an improvement over the current state of affairs.

Oh yes, you just want to see a picture of my family. Fine then…
Crash Dad's Family

Aren’t they sooooo cute? Yep. I’m a pretty lucky man!

Daddy Blog Finances

Spending Above Your Pay Grade

My friend wrote a really interesting post on her site titled “How “Goal Spending” Stops Us from Reaching Our Goals.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As a recovering marketer, I am going to let you in on a secret. Consumers do not spend congruent to their station in life. Instead, they spend for where they want to be. Each of us has a vision for our idealized self. It’s deeply ingrained in our psyche, and it becomes a powerful subconscious force that drives much of our daily activities. That includes our spending.

So, if we are, for example, an underemployed office worker but we would rather be, say, a celebrity with a house in Monaco, then we will be naturally drawn to spend in a way that projects an image of that idealized self as opposed to projecting the more practical current state of things. Marketers know this, and we take advantage of it. Everyday we bombard consumers with messaging to convince them that they too can live their idealized life if they only had the right clothes, or shoes, or purse. And it works. Every day we marketers tell you that you are not good enough, and you pay us for it.

These comments really resonate for me. I’m always amazed how people think they can spend money that they don’t have. I guess a lot of people aren’t fans of math, because the math of spending money you don’t have (we call that credit) is insane. The place I see this most is in buying a car. Don’t get me wrong, much like my friend Mel mentions above, the marketers have wrapped that small car payment in a really nice bow. It looks really attractive to only think of the car payment as $50/month. This is what’s so hard.

What we need to do to change this mentality is to help people realize that the simple $50 car payment works just as magical when you think about saving $50/month. Why can we think of a small $50 car payment as a small thing, but we can’t think about saving $50/month as a small thing? Saving $50/month is a small thing that adds up quickly. A $50/month car payment is a small thing that adds up quickly the opposite direction.

Reminds me of the famous quote (and there are many variations of it):

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.
– Albert Einstein

Don’t get me wrong. There are situations where credit might be necessary. However, 9 out of 10 times (maybe more), credit can and should be avoided.

Savings make you rich. Credit payments make other people rich.

Daddy Blog

Welcome to the Future Home of Crash Dad!

For a long time I’ve been itching to create a Daddy Blog. I think a part of me was tired of seeing all these mommy blogs and so few daddy blogs. I’m not saying I have anything about mommy bloggers. I think they’re fantastic and some of them do amazing work. I just always wished there were as many great daddy bloggers. Long story short, tonight I asked on Facebook if I should finally start my daddy blog. One person commented Yes, and 3 other people liked the status. Considering it was late on a Friday night, that seemed like more than enough support to finally bite the bullet and create a daddy blog. I’m sure my wife will LOVE that I started another blog. What can I say? I couldn’t resist.

For those of you wondering how I came up with the name Crash Dad, the first ever website I created was called It was basically a city search for Utah County where I lived at the time. The Crash was meant to be like “crashing a party.” I now live in Las Vegas (Henderson officially), but the CrashUtah name has stuck with me as I’ve started my various websites and businesses. So, it just seemed fitting to use the name Crash Dad for this blog as well. Plus, it will be no surprise that I crash and burn plenty as a father.

I’ll save most of the background on me for the About Crash Dad page that I’ll fill out soon. As the subtitle of the blog says, this blog will contain the musings of a working dad with 4 children. My wife will be happy I didn’t include her in the subtitle. I mostly couldn’t include her in the title since there wasn’t enough room for all the amazing adjectives I’d need to describe her.

To be honest, I have no idea what type of content I’ll put on this blog. However, I live a pretty interesting life and always have something to say. I’m a full time blogger and entrepreneur by day (my wife might say by night also). I have 4 wonderful children who drive me nuts some times, but are just like my wife and I in so many ways. I play far too much ultimate frisbee and love sports of every kind. I love dancing (watching and doing). I love my Faith in God. I’m a very lucky and blessed man. Now you see why I shouldn’t have a problem finding something to say.

Well, there you go. My entrance into becoming a daddy blogger. We’ll see where this takes us. Thanks for reading. Strap in, and get ready for the ride (or at least subscribe to the blog in the form above).