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From the Mouths of Crash Kids

The Crash Kids were on something last night and just kept saying funny things. So, I decided to capture some of them and make a post about them so you could enjoy them as well (at least I hope you laugh at them like I did). Sometimes it’s the small things with kids.

Crash Kid #3 was bouncing literally off the couch yesterday night when I asked what his sister was doing on the computer. He replied, “She’s updating my awesome dance moves on my special blog.” Note: He was dancing while saying this. He actually had some good hip action.

Then, he said, “She’s computering on the computer.”

A short time after this he was walking up the stairs to bed when I told him that I loved him. He responded, “Never say I love you or else I’ll beast you up.” I don’t know about you, but I’d loved to be beasted up.

When I went to say prayers and good night to Crash Kid #1, he told me that “Failures is how you become famous.” Besides the poor grammar, it took me a second to process what he meant. Then, I replied that “That’s true. My first website failed, it only made $200.” Crash Kid #1 replied, “How’s that a failure?” I replied, “I can’t live off $200.” He replied, “I can.”

Looks like we still need to teach him how much it costs to live. Although I still love that $200 seems like a ton of money to him. Also, in case you’re wondering, he did clarify that what he meant was that many successful people had failures before they became successful. He then reeled off a slew of stories about Michael Jordan getting kicked off his high school basketball team and a whole bunch of other successful people. I told him that it was great that he’d learned that failure doesn’t preclude success, but is part of success.

I love the Crash Kids.