Holiday Stories

My Take on Christmas Lights

I must admit that I’m really really torn on Christmas lights. I’m talking about Christmas lights on my own home. I really enjoy coming home to Christmas lights on my own home. However, I really don’t like to go to the effort to put them up. Yes, I know this probably means I should just hire someone to put Christmas lights up for me. Seems like a simple solution, but a part of me enjoys the lights on my house because I did it.

In the past we’ve been putting lights on our palm tree (yes, I get the irony and still love living in Vegas). I really love the way a palm tree looks when it’s lit up nicely. Although, sadly I could only get about 10 feet up and so it looked about half done. We would also run a string of lights along the roof. We almost always fell just short of enough lights to really finish off the whole line of the house.

This year I got a bit radical…Correction…I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to get the ladder out to put up the lights on the Palm or the roof line of the house. So, I decided to use the same lights I’d been using for the Palm and the house to do this edge bush that we have (we live on the corner). I realized pretty quickly that I wouldn’t have enough colored lights (roof) to do the full bush. That’s when I decided to put the white lights on the top of the bush after doing the colored lights on the side. Of course, I was still a few lights short.

I have to admit, that lights on this side bush were 100 times easier than the palm or the house and my kids could actually help me (their too short for the other options). I think I might have found my new solution. From now on I’m only decorating the bushes at our house. Although, next year I’m going to have to buy a lot more lights to get to more bushes.

Then again, one of our friends dropped off a nice Christmas gift for us. As she was leaving she said, “I just love your Christmas lights. They make me happy every time I drive by them.” Maybe half finished lights aren’t that bad after all. People can still enjoy them and it will make them feel better about their fully finished lights. I guess that’s my little Christmas gift to them.