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It’s Easy to Overreact

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how my children seem to overreact to the smallest of things. It’s quite frustrating as a parent, because you realize that it’s an overreaction and that whatever they’re overreacting to is not something worth worrying about. Sometimes they overreact so much that they start to get upset and angry and then you have to start punishing them for taking it too far. That starts a vicious cycle.

Maybe my kids are alone in this, but they are extremely determined. Once they get something in their mind, they can’t get it out of their mind and just want to keep fighting until they get what they want (probably reminds my mother of me…Sorry Crash Wife). I believe that tenacity will really pay off when my kids are older, but as a parent it’s extremely frustrating.

Tonight though I was thinking about how I can also overreact to stupid things. As I thought about this, I realized that I likely needed to have a little more compassion for my children when they’re seemingly overreacting to something that is insignificant. No doubt that thing is significant in their minds even if it’s not in the much larger scope of things.

This is going to be a hard change. It’s also a hard balance, because you don’t just always want to give in to children just because they’re being obstinate. Obviously, I don’t have the answers, but this is what I’m thinking about tonight.

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I’m A Sap

The Crash Kids elementary school has this really great program for dads called Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students). It’s a little bit of a mix of extra security for the school and a little bit of work in the classroom. No doubt it’s a way to get the dads into the school, which is great. I personally don’t care about the security piece and love to spend all my time with my kids. Plus, since 3 of the Crash Kids are in elementary school, that means I have plenty of options.

When we first started at the school, someone suggested that it’s a cool thing to be Watch DOGS dad on your child’s birthday. That sounded like a great idea to me since the kids absolutely love when I am the Watch DOGS dad. Seriously, it’s not a minor reaction. It’s a literal full on walking on air excitement when they walk alongside me at school. There might be a little bit of arrogance there that they’re so cool to have their dad there. No doubt it is something special for them since there aren’t that many dads who do it. Regardless the kids absolutely adore it when I’m at their school.

I was suppose to be Watch DOGS dad last week for Crash Kid #2’s birthday, but my neck injury made it so I couldn’t go in and do it. So, I made up for it this week. Turns out, Crash Grandpa joined us in the morning as well:
Crash Dad Visits Crash Kids School
I don’t know why I’m admitting this publicly, but oh well. I have to tell you that almost every time I do it I get all choked up. I know I’m a softy. I’ve known that for a long time. I love chick flicks and I choke up over being at my kids school. That’s who I am.

I’ve tried to figure out what causes me to start one of those full face spasm cries so I could stop it. Unfortunately, so far I’ve failed. This morning it happened during their opening ceremonies when they played the song “I’m Proud to Be an American.” I love that song and I don’t think it had anything to do with the tears I was fighting back.

My only conclusion is that I absolutely love seeing my kids so happy. The idea that something I did would make them so happy just hits me every time I’m there. I think I’ve figured out a solution. From now on, I’m only going to focus on things that make my kids sad. Hopefully that will solve the problem. It’s too bad, because it’s pretty awesome spending the day in art, playing games, four square, lunch, more four square, more lunch, more games, and finish it off with music.

Oh well…a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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Halloween Leftovers

I’ve been meaning to write this Halloween post for a few days now, but life has been busy. What can I say? I never told you that this blog would be timely. In fact, my main goal is for this blog to be interesting. I plan to ask my wife and my mother if they think the blog’s interesting. If they give me the thumbs up, then I’ll keep doing it. Anyone else who’s entertained by my musings and perspectives is a huge bonus. Although, let me be clear. I love getting a good bonus!

Halloween has come and gone and I think I can definitely say that this was the best Halloween yet. Ok, before I get into it, here’s the obligatory picture of the Crash Kids dressed up for Halloween. Can you guess what they dressed up as?

Crash Kids Halloween

Ok, the skeleton is easy and so is the little police man. Although, is there seriously anything cuter than a baby in a big hat? I dare say no. I love big hats on babies and for some reason he almost enjoyed wearing the hat. Something’s wrong with that kid. None of our other kids were good with hats as babies. They’d rip them off before we could even put them on.

Now for the harder ones. My daughter’s isn’t really that hard. She’s a rainbow princess unicorn fairy ballerina. Well, that’s what I called her and I think she liked the description. She’s an overachiever like me. So, why would she want to be a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony when she could be a rainbow princess unicorn fairy ballerina. The oldest Crash Kid is a monopoly man. Pretty creative I thought. Although, I wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and realizes that the money cane he used for the costume most people would call a pimp stick. Oh well, he didn’t know the difference and he’s clearly not a pimp. He’d need gold braces for that costume.

We collected far too much candy on this trip. In fact, after our 5th house the kids buckets were so full they had to come and unload them in the bags attached to the stroller. That’s just crazy! After ~5 houses they had more candy than I was going to allow them to eat. They were running so fast from door to door. Little did they know that it was all in vain since all this surplus candy was going to be given away. The orthodontist will get 10 pounds of candy in return for some virtual points (Don’t ask me what it really is, but we’ve collected a lot of points.). Then, the rest will go to the Bishop at church. Our kids can go and get a piece each week.

If we give 10 lbs of candy to the orthodontist, you might be wondering how much candy will be left to give to the Bishop. Fear not! Crash Wife has a ritual of counting, documenting, sorting and otherwise organizing the candy the kids collect. Yes, we practice a shared candy system where all the kids candy is lumped into one. Makes for less complaining (especially when dad wants to eat all the Butterfingers).

Long story short, my wife weighed the Halloween haul (yes, that’s the appropriate word) at 34 lbs of candy. That’s basically the weight of Crash Kid #3. Plus, it includes 116 full size candy bars. I agree. It’s totally and completely insane. Our kids won’t have any idea what a normal Halloween is like. Now you see why our spoiled children get to learn about giving away most of their candy.

You might remember that I mentioned moving the candy from the trick or treating buckets to bags attached to the stroller. That system worked quite well until the end. I ran into my friend (Yes, I really do call her “friend” every time I see her) and told her that we had to take a picture together. I think her friends probably wondered who this crazy old man was, but why be a crazy old man if you can’t act like one? While Crash Mom was taking our picture, I heard a crash of bags hitting the ground.

Torn between finishing the picture and addressing the crash, the picture below is the final result. A great picture of my bloody friend and half of me as I go to see what crashed. Indeed, the stroller had toppled over. Crash Baby was up in the air and the bags of candy on the ground. Ahh…Physics at work. 34 lbs of candy is heavier than Crash Baby. I think Crash Baby kind of enjoyed the ride, but that’s when I knew it was time to go home.

Halloween Friend

Daddy Blog Family

Crash Dad’s Family

I was thinking (no comments from the peanut gallery). What kind of Daddy Blog doesn’t have a picture of his family? Seemed like it was time I remedy that problem. I’m actually working on a cool logo for the top of the blog. When I say that I’m working on a cool CrashDad logo for the blog, what I really mean is that I’ve asked my wife to make a cool CrashDad logo for the blog. Hopefully she’ll include some pictures of the children as well since they’re so cute.

Isn’t that so sweet of her to do this for me? Actually, I’m just terrible at it, so the choice was to have her do it or not have one. So, that’s an easy choice really. Plus, what’s the point of having such a talented wife if you can’t have her make a cool logo for your daddy blog? Now I’m a little afraid I’ve set her up to fail on the logo by telling you that she’s so talented. The good part is she is talented, so I’m not worried. Plus, if she is worried about it being perfect, all she needs to do is look at what I have now. It has to be an improvement over the current state of affairs.

Oh yes, you just want to see a picture of my family. Fine then…
Crash Dad's Family

Aren’t they sooooo cute? Yep. I’m a pretty lucky man!