Getting Fat…Must Run

What can I say? Everyone always told me my metabolism would catch up to me and it has. Gone are the days of gorging myself and not worrying about my weight. This didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a slow creep and I’ve seen it coming.

As a kid I always justified that I was the active kid that took the stairs, played sports, and could eat anything. Although, that’s not totally true. I always liked to say that I was someone who ate to live instead of living to eat. That’s still true to some extent, but as I’ve grown older I’ve learned my food vices. Sometimes I wish I was poor and couldn’t afford the foods I liked. I’m sure this is screwed up thinking, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be gaining weight if I only had Ramen in the pantry. On second thought, nah…I love my chocolate ice cream.

Seriously though, I’ve become addicted to food. I just feel like I need to keep stuffing my face. I’d never felt that before, but I feel it now. It sure makes for a new battle for me. Somewhere in life I decided that it was never ok for me to feel hunger. How screwed up is that? I don’t think we should starve ourselves, but how pampered am I that I feel like I need to eat so much that I never feel hungry.

I think in the past I’ve largely made up for it by playing sports. I’d still play sports every day of the week if possible. The problem is that life’s gotten too busy and the body is breaking down more and so I’m not playing sport as much. Combine the loss of exercise and increase in food consumption and I’m losing the battle of the bulge.

That’s more than you wanted to know about me, but I felt like I had to share my battle. I’m sure some will say that I have nothing to worry about and that’s exactly why I’m worried. I’m not enormous, but I don’t want to be enormous. I can still do pretty much everything, but I could stand to lose 25 lbs and my body would be much happier. Better to start now before it’s too overwhelming.

Tonight I started the battle. I went out for a run to workout for the first time ever in my life. For the last 6 months I knew this day was coming. I couldn’t just play ultimate frisbee and call it a day. I had to do something more.

I’d certainly run playing many sports. I’ve even randomly run various 5k and 10k events throughout my life, but I’d never really trained or run “for fun” or “for fitness.” I’m still processing the experience. More on that in a future post.

At least today I’ve won. That feels good. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and feel free to hold me accountable. Why else would I have shared all this on my blog? Now I have to follow through or else…

Dad Instincts Proud or Scared Tech Kids

The Hijacked Cell Phone – Proud or Scared Series

I decided I should start a series of blog posts I call Proud of Scared. In this series of posts (which I’ll do as incidents occur) I’ll highlight those times as a parent when you’re torn between being proud of your child or scared. In these situations you’re proud of their smarts, intelligence, creativity, or abilities, but you’re also scared as you enter a new stage in your child’s development. Sometimes you’re scared of the new stage and sometimes your scared of what this new talent will mean in the future. You get the idea?

Now for my first entry in the Proud or Scared series.

I took Crash Kid #1 and #3 to the park while I was playing ultimate frisbee on Saturday. While there I let Crash Kid #1 access my phone so he could play some games in the shade while I was playing ultimate frisbee. During one of my waters breaks I discovered that Crash Kid #1 had sent a few texts to Crash Mom in my absence. Here’s the content of the texts (as sent by Crash Kid #1):

Me: We are thinking of leaving soon would you like anything from Mcdonalds?
Crash Wife: Im good. I just had some leftover pizza. The kids would probably like chicken nuggets though
Me: Crash Kid #1 wants a banana strawberry smoothie should I get it for him?
Crash Wife: It’s up to you.
Me: I’m gonna play 1 more point and then I’ll be back at home
Crash Wife: Ok.
Me: Crash Kid #1 is annoying me so much about going to bounce U
Crash Wife: He is obsessed. Im not even sure it is open in saturdays
Me: Now Crash Kid #3 is following him and doing it as well
Me: STOP!!!
Crash Wife: Ahhh!
Me: I know
Me: Lol…that was all Crash Kid #1
Me: Pretty creative
Crash Wife: That is funny. What a little stinker

There you go. Should I be proud of his creativity or scared?

Business Travel Mormon Sports

What Do You Do When You Travel To Dubai’s Beach? Play Ultimate Frisbee Of Course

After a pretty good first night’s sleep I had a scheduled day of rest before the workshop I was teaching started. I decided to keep it pretty low key and save any real touristy things until the day after my workshop. However, I realized that they probably played ultimate frisbee in Dubai. Sure enough, after a bit of digging I found a pickup game of ultimate frisbee on the beach. Perfect right? I wanted to see the beach anyway and so why not go play some beach ultimate, meet some new people, and experience the Dubai beach.

Turns out, it was the perfect decision. I took an Uber to the beach which worked quite smooth on the hotel wifi. Sadly, my international plan on Verizon didn’t do anything for me. It was just a waste of money even though they said I’d be fine in Dubai. The Uber was really smooth though. The guy arrived really quickly and I made it to the beach in great time. I was lucky we didn’t have traffic, because some other days I was on the metro and the traffic was awful. I guess I chose the right time and direction.

The beach in Dubai was awesome. It did remind me a lot of Waikiki in Hawaii. The beach was this nice white sand and the backdrop was this concrete jungle of hotels and stores. The ultimate on the beach was fun, but I forgot that it would be blazing hot and that I’d need a few gallons of water to really enjoy it. Luckily, the other players were really nice and shared their water with me.

We played until the sun went down and got to enjoy a great sunset. There were also fun things like a camel that was giving rides to people on the beach.

Right before the sun totally set, we decided to take a little swim. I thought it would be nice to cool off in the water. Boy was I wrong. The water felt like warm bath water. Pretty amazing that it stays so warm. I was told to also watch out for jelly fish. I guess they have a bunch of them. I was glad I didn’t meet any of them. The shocking thing was how cold you felt when you got out of the water.

After disc, my new frisbee friends who came from all over the world asked if anyone wanted to go for drinks or juice. I didn’t have anything to do, so I was game for doing something. As a mormon it was pretty nice to be offered juice. I guess the Muslim influence is strong there that they’d offer a non-alcoholic option after frisbee. Plus, the juice place sold some triple layered, chocolate, caramel, and I’m not sure what else cake. I bought it and shared it with the group. I loved their observation that the American desserts are always so indulgent. Yes they are! Pretty fun to make some new friends from Germany, Canada, Russia and the Philippines in Dubai.
Dubai Ultimate Frisbee Friends

Crazy Ideas Daddy Blog

I Might Need to Start Yoga

I have to admit. I’ve always kind of made fun of Yoga. I wasn’t against other people doing it. I’m all about freedom of choice and if you want to do Yoga, go for it. I think Colin Cowherd, a radio personality on ESPN Radio, summed it up best: “Only in America could we turn stretching into an entire industry.
Child Yoga Pose Airplane
Now that I’ve offended all those that really love Yoga, I think there might be something to Yoga. The older I get, the more aches and pains I have in my body. As most of you know, I’m still very active, but that just adds to the aches and pains. I still love to lay out for a disc when I’m playing ultimate frisbee. I love to lay out to dig a volleyball. The older I get, the harder it is to recover from the abuse I’m putting on my body.

No wonder stretching Yoga is so popular. Seriously though. The older I get, the more I think that Yoga could be a really great thing for me. I don’t need to do anything crazy. I just think my body would really love doing Yoga.
Child Yoga Pose 1
Now I just have to bring myself to find a studio or somewhere that I can learn to do it. We just signed up for a new health insurance plan that provides us access to the health and wellness services that Turntable Health offers. I just checked their schedule and it looks like they offer a Gentle Yoga class with Chidimma Ozor (Seriously, our health insurance is covering Yoga). Can you imagine a better name for a yoga instructor?

Looks like I’ll be finding a Yoga mat and giving it a try. We’ll see what Chidimma can do for me. You can be sure I’ll report back on the experience.

Competition Daddy Blog

The 7 Minute Mile Challenge

My wife has been running a lot lately. It’s been a great thing for her. I think she’s like most people. She hates doing it, but loves when she’s done it. I’m not much of a runner. I’d much rather play sports. Sports of any kind is great, but ultimate frisbee is my sport of choice. I don’t know why running after a disc or guarding someone from getting the disc doesn’t feel like running, but it doesn’t to me. I could (my wife might say “do”) play it all day without a problem.

I’d have thought the reason I love sports is for the competition. I absolutely love competition of every kind. What can I say? I love winning! It’s just a part of who I am. What I haven’t figured out is why running doesn’t get those competitive juices flowing as well. I guess the challenge is that you’re competing with yourself and that’s not the same type of competition. However, I’ve also thought that I could really enjoy running if I could somehow just tell myself that a 10 minute mile was ok. My competitive mind just won’t let me sit back and run slow. If I’m running, I want to go as fast as I can go. As I get older, maybe I’ll be able to overcome that obstacle and accept running slow.

That brings us to this weekend. Our church is having a Family Fun Run (1 mile, 5k, and 10k). I think this is the third time I’ve participated in the 5k, but the past couple years I was always pushing a stroller full of children. All things considering, I usually ran a good pace, but I always wondered how fast I could run the 5k if I was just running on my own.

As I was discussing the run with my wife, I suggested that I thought I could do 7 minute miles for a 5k. What was I thinking? For the record, back in college I did run a 21 minute 5k. Of course, that was *cough* a long *cough* time ago. I’m getting a lot older now. Plus, I haven’t ever gone running other than the previous two 5ks. One 5k a year seems like plenty of practice to be able to run fast, no?

I’m hopeful that my time playing ultimate frisbee will make up for my lack of running. We’re going to find out this Saturday since my wife will be running with the children and I’ll be able to run full out. She doesn’t think I’ll be anywhere near 7 minute miles. I’ll be happy if I have 7 minute 59 second miles.

If nothing else, at least I now have something to compete for and you know me and competition.